What kind of PPE products do you need?

PPE & Co can get you Cranberry Evolve 300 nitrile gloves OTG in USA. In the fight against Covid 19 we wanted to be in the frontline. During the year we have developed contacts with titleholders and helped several parties close deals.

We only engage in deals from 25M OTG lots or 100M to 1B production deal lots. We work with anybody who follows our Titleholders SOP’s. PPE & Co is a product of Covid 19. Together we can prevent the disease with gloves for the frontline. We see it as our main goal to help as many as possible in the best way. We can also get you Covid 19 medicals as Remdesivir generic, Paxlovid generic, Molnuvirapir generic and many more medicals.

Due to the nature of this business, PPE and medicals becomes hard when nobody did it before, or they in general don’t know how it works.

“The worst thing, it takes time, the best thing – we close it”

We can get the deal closed within 3 to 7 days if you are a real buyer.

PPE & Co – we close it